SPORTS (Coaches, Personal trainers, Teachers and Athletes)
HEALTHCARE (Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Masseurs and Doctors)


a screenshots of the TE3 PRO application

a screenshots of the TE3 PRO application

a screenshot of the TE3 Pro application

a screenshot of the TE3 PRO application

TE3 PRO unique high-end technology gives instant feedback by a vibrating impulse (tactile stimulus). The users can then correct and focus on the movements. 3D-sensors measure and analyze movements during every exercises. The mobile application then indicates visually, in real time, the results of the movements and provides a comprehensive analysis.

TE3 PRO features:

  • Accurate visual and numerical facts from the natural dynamic movement or static positions
    – Angles (°)
    – Average angles (°)
    – Deviations (count)
    – Accelerations (m/s2)
    – Motion control percentages(%/time)
    – Combined diagrams (°/time ; (m/s2 /time)
  • Data gathering and result export
  • Motion captured, ready made exercises and programs library
  • Full access to TE3 MOVE application
  • USB cable and Manuals

Whether you are a therapist, coach or athlete TE3 Pro will help you,

Stand out in the market

  • Show the necessity of rehabilitation / training supported by numerical facts
  • Track the results of the exercises in between every therapy/training sessions
  • Demonstrate how you/your customer haves progressed
  • Increase your service offer with specified tests and personally optimized exercises
  • Guide safe home training

Take advantage of new technology

  • Easy to measure and analyze for ex. static positions, or flexion, bending and rotations
  • Unique instant feedback during training will raise the customers’ focus, help them to learn the movement and control their body
  • Remote monitoring of movements and safe, guidance in home training.
  • Follow training and results from a distance

Save money, time and other resources

  • Several tools in the same device
  • Not place linked
  • Saves time, money and other resources.
  • Long lasting, rechargeable battery
  • Durable and maintenance free

TOP 3 Why TE3

  • TE3 is easy-to-use multitool to measure and practice difficult movements like rotations
  • TE3 is an innovative training device which help user to understand different type range of motions
  • TE3 brings new opportunities to old routines
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